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       A fine tooth comb lanked my hair on the table. Songs played, coming close to a harp. Bobbing, bobbing, bobbing. I guess he was right.


        I filled a diary away also. Keys to doors were lost. A jackhammer did the job. And Reader’s Digest made sense to me.


        The tires were worn from new installation. Peepers wore the apparel of a goat humming from a field in the Midwest. Derelicts roamed carelessly, foaming at the mouth, drowning in the suds. Mercedes blue almost as though paint were amazingly left standing as an adjacent spot as if it were designating receiving calls at this moment. Planners fouled up their jobs again as usual and codes were met only hairlines apart. Did it happen to me or was it a dream. Callers couldn’t call, for another person was hanging on a wooden rail. Pledging a ticket to charity of choice; she was screaming at a dog to go home. People smiled at her.


        Give me a chase or villain to deepen a void, relax a spasm. Loosen a twitch. It bugged me all day, a repeat of yesterday could it have been. Sleep, sleep, a hazy period in one’s thinking mechanics. Daisies were planted along houses in that area titled suburban landmark. Sleep ruined a visual day just at a time when I was getting high. Pack up, trouble away. In a blue imitation leather pack-up case. Jackets contained moth holes and spiders relieved into another grassy century. Bite off a sleeve. Smell it to see if something is flesh, look both ways first. In reality things are real, never unreal. But the best judge to use is old-fashioned burdens. They can’t stay up late.

        Glancing wishing I were some other human being. Glass impressions fall before the shoes. Picking at nails and hearing someone’s stomach yell, it was scaring the hell out of me. Prance around a dish made fragile because of the glass, there were fine little painted imprints due to exhaustion I think.

        Seizing a wider opening, crawl through on hands and knees, rubbing hands on the wall like a towel. Gather evidence to convict a case. Post nasal drip.


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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