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only a new rouse. New honeys. Give the wall a trailer of trouble. Take off your jacket and tie and freshman pin. Spray paint onto it or piss your guts onto it. The only place you can.


        Show me what it’s like to be you. Or you can show me what you can do it I let you come by me. I won’t do much to you.


        Press the buttons to a new record and hear the grooves.


        I never forgot that my freedom was lost the moment I arrived.



Most of the child instincts have centered far back into my mind, yet the child remains. Grief a fleeting craze. Look back, see mass hysteria within yourself. It fools and brainwashes every lesson ever known. Carry a folder from door to door, hear the ugliness. Preach and preach. Lancelot in his white house, groomed, ready for sword fights with brothers from another planet. Consider it gone.


        Leave each cubicle as it was found originally five years ago. When it all began. Find a niche that concerns the ego. Place vanity inside and consider the motivations. Maybe not. Use an ego for demeaning a crafty patronage. Slap down a fear label. Wits clash. Center with the best or else face eternity hovering in the gutters. Use ball markings to hold up and rise above the nasty insects.


        Safety in razors doesn’t exist.


        File passages that come from vindictive sources. File away. Completed bondable steal handles, scissors from another area you once had in mind. I cleared up the mess he made. I made new tablecloths.


        “Clear the shit into the other room and see it float see it bob up and down.”




copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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