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       The lights flew down. Down steam ways in the river. Smashed instantly.


        Aspirins on the bed table were there just in case. Pieces held together, bonded with poor glue. Sheltered under a housing deal. Pompous. What can they do.


        Unfolding guts were released, bags containing polyurethane centers. Icicles dripped on the snow. People cheered. A new thought was had. And it marked a celebration, a new holiday was pinned on the calendar.Clones (or were they twins) danced apart. Centrifugal parts plastered into each other once more. Joyous motims danced, not aware of their destruction.


       Contrary minds entered a new phase, glowering hands shook. Rising above aptitude or a sense of who you are. Placate horizons on a plane at a right angle. One-hundred-eighty degrees. And it was hot, pouring was molten down the parachutes. Hand ofidsis and roller skates took off. Steeple chases hand overs fixed on a super-natural conquest concluded then baskets were full with bread to eat. Blisters found big on underarms. Plastic models were inserted to utilize more of the given space on the events. They were glitter. Glamour from other cities come down to pay homage and get paid. They were sparkle collected from ancient rituals. Glee a tooth with mouths wide open waiting for food to be divided out to the conclaves. Pacified with pieces of hot dogs burnt to a black color, grayish already. Capturing several dozen troupers to do the work ahead. Much easier. Weird smells of pork came out of pants. Until the sun appeared.

        Exits found through reading the read signs were followed to the doors setting tones in which moods stroke a general atmosphere. Candles learned while they played. Vicariously putting aside their goals. A cup, empty in evaporation displayed a serviceable attitude. Summons were it’s words printed near the bottom, “Harbors slcue the unknown and unseen.” No one knew what it meant.


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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