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   Lift a pamphlet to the ground and stamp a corner with a shoe, maybe it will whine. Tap a dance on page six. Marinate the roast with juices from a duck. I mapped the route to a desolate part of the city a long time ago. Nothing new to a dying breed. Hybrid in it's better days as a ribbon collector. Cracking a whip to make me grow. Shortness, like a disease, is childhood.


        Manfred the intelligent marks everything in Benjamins Almanac in yellow ink, to emphasize the strong points. Weak points follow in blue. Pointers and guidebooks tell all. My objective is supposed to be wrong. Casual puns hide his air of delectability. I sat and picked the mud off my face.


        Slappers have neon hands. I stay away from these. Purists guide me away also. The salute puts a high note sour in the vat containing lemon juice. Lovers were made to love; treat the species as something to go through together. Have a lively time of it. Glitter is the strange enhancement that reforms into solid gold or sliver. Immobile. Seething jets cross air paths. Pierced ears get yanked apart. Cars become turning vehicles and silos to store corn high above the earth. Bearing fruit out of season to sell a margin for profit, they leave as a current place to be brought on by importance heralded in a dream. Love roosters perch on a twig. Cautious protractors on thirty degree statement levels.


        A piece of my hair fell to the floor gliding on an air bed. All the places I've been, I've probably left one. A horse's eye tied late to see straight, and like my own it twists to someone else's mind. Stealing a spoon from the drawer, to make a special pudding. That used to be the goal of the day. A tour in town to go see or a flight at home not to miss; and a journey into pseudo emancipation proclaimed, nothing. It was all done in silence. To laugh or cry inside, send it away, to a bottle with a secure lid held in place with twine, handmade, folded tightly to prevent the contents from spilling. Though I knew it was undoubtedly breakable, if enough time were allowed, all fragile things break. In time. Correcting fiberglass ornament on the tree, I applied glue and wonderful stripping. A curtain was placed on the window. On a budget, foregoing silken angel hair, the winged angel was found somewhere, ready to 


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