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openings to help someone starving. I learn no good. I give to someone nothing to work at the paycheck values no money for sewers but a clothing store to give to a distant aunt. Digging out the gray tween suit.


        The stitches have torn from bad storage. A broom closet. Misuses feels worse. Guilding attractions to some other drift in the training. To be like a fountain spewing dirt all the time. Distant beauty too far to reach. Away it drops. Leaving messy disorders in workmanship. A lost theory. Broken in a hope chest. Continuance, playing a second role to the first. A backhand, good to challenge and beat. Slick payola trousers to wear as see-through plastic pants. Hot pants. Gracious form to walk in curdles at the light at a distance of three yards. Further and one cannot see. Placenta hair lines furnishing the rebuilders or mind needs to concentrate on the days unavoidable duties. A month of promises. Thorny stems sent with the blooms cut away. To die. No knowledge to save a dying breed. An over-used bread. Complications may damage credibility. A wash-up forever. Mutant nuclear drains from dental x-rays. Makeup disappears.


        Fitting sizes into a cardboard box, there are pondering brands and labels. Cut off and there are originals. A bandaid hurts to pull off when sticking over hairs. A curl in a wound. Yanking off a skin covering protecting the insides from harm. Sawing it doesn't do much good. After it's away from the body it's of no use, worthless, no way to rejuvenate life back into it. Toss it into the garbage can.


        Hollowing to a shell after insight of a few years passing. Giving complete relief in the end. If that ever comes. Cock roaches seize their moments, when you're the weakest.


        Clamp a vise on my head. Turn the lever until I scream.


        GIve refuse to a dog in the neighborhood to chew on, good for his teeth. Makes them white and pretty.



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