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        Possible gold rushes were precipitated as true. Rules needed for necessities. Books to learn weren’t taught in school. Pictures told the stories on a big screen for all to view. Transmissions stalled. Fluids fixed. Did it do any good to repair the broken down? Convenience services for a price limited somewhat, the value in the maintenance. Elephants sounded off. Bones stuck out from hunger.


        Ears, pierced four time for strength, were cut away for the gold. Playground equipment taken away. So we couldn’t play the way we used to. Tiny fur dogs lay silently. The needlepoint pieces fell apart.Ground hogs never came out. Natural Sciences were of no use now.


        Gold records suddenly came down from the walls in every office in town. Diplomas of any kind suddenly burned.


        A manual for the betterment of society collapsed.


        I ran of my road tennis racket in hand. I placed it into a big envelope to mail home. Sandle-footed hose tore, walking without shoes. Bubbles made up of melted plastic were seen in every direction, some flying. Many people melted. Afraid to get up and see why, I sat, put on my shoes finally. A brown spot on my knee, where it came from I couldn’t tell. It wasn’t there when I went to bed. Loud symphonies played.


        Mortifying combinations of colors grouped to make a wall, solid as any other. The second time around is a copy duplicated on a xerox machine for purposed not included in the circles but contained for reasons only they know.


        Crickets invaded the English basement. Every family moved out. Fine point pens were used to draw new ones. Headphones were placed on the banker’s heads to muffle the symphonies. Contemporary people smiled. They spoke English but their words could not be understood. Their scratched eyeballs were wet and glassy. Speaking to the crowds, they talked about yelling maniacs on radios and the announcing of the dead. And funeral processions marching with a slow foot down the main street, different chords sped along to the gravesights. Outweighing time. It looked like a crocodile coming out of the waters.


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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