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Standard light bulb; crypter layers tale. I hid the eye of newt away from them. A cornerstone victory plummeting their caves to the cheers of a crowd, unknowingly dug up, so the photographers can take the pictures that will make them look good. Really spiffy in their gray flannel suits. I observed this standing away from the scene, in the next block. I didn't want to get arsenic poisoning. Federals were there, just in case. 


        The drop dead count was low, a fast that pleased the projects bakers. A day off. I think they forgot to appoint the line drawer.


        Satuaters blankets, wet rain covered the streets. The crowd was saluting the water drenches, a religious rite conducted between speakers for D and O.


        The fighter planes didn't touch down. And the votes were unanimously in favor of another get-together, set for next year. Crabble Lanters was to be held again every year. 


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