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        See it rock one way to the other, back and forth, slowly. The driver sits there calmly, headlong. Rather enjoying it. Not really aware of the empty prism beneath him. Just back and forth. Slowly. Everyone at the edge watches not knowing what to do. They aren't concerned with what to do; that they're rather enjoying it also. Back and forth. Slowly. The winds rocking the car, deciding it's fate.


        Back and forth, slowly.


        The spectators got bored, waiting for it to fall. It never did. I think it's still there; rocking back and forth slowly.


        It never has to fall, at least not as long as the driver doesn't move. It was rather pleasant anyway. Cages, yet comfortable.


        Drying my eyes, I directed my attention to pulling out my loose hairs. Fifteen came out, I stared at the hairs scattered on the table. They look weird there, rather than being in me. I took the vacuum and vacuumed the table clean. Up into the bag they all went, parts of me. Swept away in the shit bag. Nothing new. 


        My proclivities actioned an arrogance. I paid no attention.


        Cleaners were stored in the kitchen cupboards. I knew exactly. After all, I was the one who put them away last time they were dragged out. They've never been used.


        I shot my marbles, they were so pretty, the colors clean. A bag of them to play with, with the other children. I stood carefully, aimed carefully, dropped the marble carefully. I started with twenty-three; lost them all to victorious know-it-alls. My opponents. So many back then. Child feuds, silent with not a resilient sound rising up, but a bad look I interpreted as meaning they didn't like me. I felt they wouldn't , as it came to no surprise when they glanced over at me. They knew. I knew they knew.


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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