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for you give up the sun. Kept all night by drowned out hues because problems came up again. Old patterns. See the perfect patterns that the time evicts. Sheer draperies and panic key into the door. Never go. Stay till you die of natural causes. Old age and senility get you for it. Upon on one shoe wobble to the kitchen, get a fruit to eat.


        I drag onto something I can’t identify. Instant comfortable feelings. Lack the juice to feel on my own today and every day when something awful happens and it’s me instead of her.


        Atmospheric conditions right, the time right, situations become warm and soft. Place a blanket around me. Soft comforter made from good wool. Keeping me in a stupor.


        Looking out a window for life. Quiet people tiptoe to cars of gold.


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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