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just knock me over onto the carpet.


        Speechless and touching something soft. The prongs sting again, and lose me amidst the confusion that is around me. 


        Blinding me the circles erase everyone. I am alone. Blinking scarcely; carriers bring nothing.


        I sat there so bountifully. Could it have been unreal?


        Crossed legs warped self-worth, give cross to the mold that grows on the gates in the palace dorm. Mold that grows along the lining covering the bricks so hard and terrible. Give abundant on the day it rains. Belts thundering fools. Plunder the village, see no rain. I confronted nothing I wasn’t ready to begin or defend. Last time a remembrance this time a camp fear about a camera in front of a man and the sound. Nauseous sounds drumming at a tambourine. The loud bang from the gun that went off over there or couldn’t have been nearer to me. Ground me save me help me fight off mortal viscose. Only to have to account for them after the period of self-righteous pride. Stand in my way when I tear my skin from my body. Put an object into a drawer if it threatens. Give three counts before looking, at me. See the underlying sophomoric craziness masking a prostituted thought. Sell thought. Join a club. Pull me to a safer side in the house. Pictures remind. Pictures blend with other things, keep their distance from me. Grid with a ruler where the easy periods in time are. Draft a salt-free existence and live me there to drown.


        Airplane in the sky sees more beauty, flap signals in the air. See me fly. Reclusive spectators climb hills only for the sake of being someone for a day in the year. Stench removed that came yesterday left a mark on the sidewalk, air racks sold to public masses, enhance chances. Strong puberty climates peri-mutual squandering. Get stronger until you fall someplace into comatose reactions because the hit didn’t miss and balls never fail when they are of a good type, capped teeth smile wide, bite into my aching head. Give up a place


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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