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replenishing fluids compound scientists who learn from officials what to do. Under a dirt pile warehouses click shit for the less fortunate, candy lemons; different flowers for assorted gifts. The best one won a prize. Candied glazes for a good finish. Jerking pennies pleasures steams vats for santizing. Cardboard boxes. Decorated lanterns, posh fissures. Peck. Boastful tiny rows, one by one, finer greens than most. Normality no virtue here. No such thing here. Lying to princes wanting to carry me off to some desolate arena. Battle. Composite features destroy a mountain charm, clarity defines nothing. Back laws written when saw mills received awards. A country plan followers paid to exhibit some minor excrements. Expensive-daring-partitions laid down a border to keep away from. Statement land resting the hoe in the fields haystacks and windmills generated for lightening clotheslines into power. Gangreen shot the legs off.


        Handmade breathing interrupted life for a moment. A warning giant at the window jarred the locks. Century private areas in speech relevated my pride in a mass-produced society, aided through hand-outs given to make productive those creations with which one becomes acclimated. A time span hurts the stomach. Specks, black dust, fill my eyes. Power lens break them into organisms.


        Stampede circle closed a bargain offering. Missed grapples pavement explodes sidewalks. Heat control amounts to a single module copy reproduced on a Xerox. Blinders so fine at their jot, recreate a sense that begs to be listened to. I won't resist my doors, knowledge. Standing firm, I topple anyway.


        I speed up. Hurry the corners. Pull a lash out of the eye. Flaws see me in the mirror. I have to look too. We stare at each other.

        Folded paper bends creases into hats on the head. Carbon stains the fingertips. It's all too plain to look at, see the fingers before me holding onto a lost fixture that melts in the heat. Creases burning holes over the laundry canons. Bend, bend. Directions be a fall over for me, signatures in invisible ink. Running scared. Petrified at the slightest noise. A 


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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