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        Generous traits walk in, to a plausible comparative. Pious workers steal a monument under their shields. The commuter is appalled to find treasure in concealed  weapons gathering dust near a graveyard. Peck. Seething and grabbing any worthwhile hole. Containers supply the extra leftovers from last nights dinner. A contributible pot indeed. Sold out last two nights in a row. Forging the getaway car -- it was really a cardboard dummy instigating new methods in crime control. Bolt the driveway shafts located in prime condition. I saluted no baggage that came safely, conducting a forge operation on my own. I laughed. Sealing the cement with a compound made of three parts polyurethane made joinable all forces. The priest camped his version of the complaint. Double doors made it easier to be patient. Yearning dribble mouths crept the jungle to be in perfect timing, days parachuting and troubling over a bad tongue, careful, not to lift the wrong door, vexing again, lewd black slippers footed a warrior.


        Curriers didn't join in; a wind blew through no man's territory, a place for women. Sabbath manipulizers, saw asses on cold canned fish. Stained cloth remained intuitive. Hitting a string to make a noise and handles broke off the horses, mercy begged and an apostle lost in sake of tomb lansbury cremation in the buildings, cropped short funded lifting the lids.


        No one spoke, though they look and bang back a no-mourn gaze. Fresh berries in a bowl carried cream for the designates. Candidates to be saturated in wine. Groping a canopy toothpick striped and loud.


        Peeling dead ones as biscuit flank their skins in a potato peel. Biscuits thrown nicely done on white chiffon cakes clear demoral enunciated in frost, real gold. Hearty kindness fitted cabbage rolled silver dollars keeping glass ready to exchange pipes for speakers more important. Demean the pope of high honor pennies to honor a high rank in statehood moments. Total blarring government handed out for free, freebies to send a dollar for, in paper. Bottoms fell in a pouring septre hot mess, into vats of shit collected in future use no more helpful than coal wigs put on your head in the cold months each year. Vats heated 


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