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Longing for a thrill. Something to jet away the day. I took a pill to vitalize myself; instead I fell asleep.


        Clashing hydrogen peroxide against the wounds, forking a cotton ball out of the bag. Pictures hung on the wall carelessly jutted and tilted. The faces, not male or female, came plundering an entrance to the hobby castle. Lifting supper off of a tray in fold down room. Caddy one helped Face Three. In fine display was a jewel. Purple glass. Grazing on thought, samples were passed to the members. Hikes to the main office complicated procedures enormously, disfiguring the glass. Peroxide in her hair turned it to purple glass also. And a parisianer griped for an omelet.


        A cracked egg was served instead. A light bearing simple words shined down on the purple glass jewel. Another face was getting an ear perforated. Food passed hands, no one would touch the meat to their lips. For the sake of the cook's feelings the smoldered beef flesh was fed to a cow in the border of the room. The cow turned purple, matching the glass jewel. Poor baby. It looked at its hooves and wondered. Why.


        Panning for gold in the courtyard river stream, the gender-sure faces cradled the pans. The anxiousness was urgent. To find gold meant a certain manage to a handsome male face. And beautiful children faces. To strike gold meant happiness insured. The two most important things, in a gender-sure face would be obtained and the happiness was wanting in one of the lunch baskets you were to pack every morning for the child faces and your handsome male face who kissed you goodbye on the cheek because he knew what waited ahead at a motel.

        One of the taller gender-sure faces made it. She yelled happily while others looked upon her in jealous smiles.


        The cow turned to his normal color. It walked over and wanted a cigarette. The faces refused; continuing to practice their trades for the day.


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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