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to bend look at them bend handles make them nice too. Make the sofa nice. Rugs and peep holes hallway shows down vertical reels sellers bargain nice faces I know they are.


        Tubular sands penlight holders tear to pieces in walls between pieces walls sealed must be opened there's something maybe somebody put something there for me. Sell four cents and see my collection. Cough sans open arena places dribble their mouths open wart for pieces to be put in and collect pieces to eat. Sebular sounds particular helpers waters made to taste bad and grounds helped it to get brown girth sounds make bad sounds. Breathing cool, good sounds away afraid of the dark. It hurts, the place hurts, gravy poison plaster water walls sheet rock. Bell sounds acclimate control for redoing the roof slip in between some moments for a hundred years from now to fake a climb in old age, realization notes an inner horses for future climate information, gifted horses.


        Drive drive the black one away, distant seals for focus phases. Davee on leather shoes, leaves dropped fences fell down, stitches replaced old canvas sealer dealer moan waves back to me and comes to place one piece of water on my forehead. A little bug crawled on my arm but when I looked it wasn't there. Center planes drive roads beaches hard scratches on feet plummeting away, paint and repaint. Lift and stir, creating lines of mix they don't want each other, lines drawn in the air, my wrist doesn't do that anymore, shot arrivals transmitters down, waves knocked by the door I climbed stop the pillar and ate their little berries. Party scotch and tufts in the rug came open and yellow lines silver lay there catch the bad way of tables plates ceramic break over looks, shatter gold lines dew made the grass white. Flower cups drink water out of simpler divisions graft weight on the draft board for a singular act breaks pieces into the cold waters.


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