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        Cement floors were cold. Blue bruises rose from the power hitting, monsters on me, hitting and pinching, showing no mercy to me. I stopped the blood from running. Up the stair well, the blood ran through the air, in the mouths. We were all vampires. Throats up for grabs, if one chose to use it; always there. French fries burned in the oven because they were liked well done and served along with charcoal dog biscuits in a hurry to fix something easy and something without too many dishes to have to wash. Pick pick. Everyone teeth fell out.




        Temperature cold water baths heat flooding water running into the tubs ice cubes through the faucet and steel doors wide open to cool the heat mayfair generated hot foreheads waters to cash. Cool. Blueing agents threw whole box in meat water needed color monster needed white pale fake pet laid water to overflow tip perfect cooler temperatures, jar face with it in tug sogs porcelain rubber soap blue barometer heat perils. Merry guest from hitter power on cold water people, sisters never breeze sweat cold sweat and breezes cold freezing help cold shivers lots of play generated levers doing waters flowing out tip picking sleep bed open sheets driven to be old, torn apart over edge and graying matter seethers in door pleased by them to ever see blue gifts not wanted. In golf club seekers perennial and crime up for now. Caps golden pick flowers creepers gin makeup on faces too much tight hingers buns shot in dark won for lemon color I hate, jade flowers threat hurt fingers sell me away give power tools word. Sewing machine hallway dresser buffet crinoline shawl drawer fares mean carry me there seep liquid booze, beetles crawl red backs legs thin I could break them no casts for them, handle God coughing my throat treats with silver cold dunked over tip cold air smells strange good hear the rain or waters fall creep over clouds smell tent campers black egg, needles, ears ties around neck tie through the loop real good, hard to be there and do it right. Loop eggs smell bumps keepers jail the cell blocks blankets rough and harsh melt butter, no eat, I feel sick, dive me into a high somehow desert sand between me, hour glass play sands and buckets shovel dry sand before rain. Magazine paper torn used gloss so nice pretty, comfortably to touch. Nose soft feel, records to listen rackets


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