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        Jammers plunge me deep. I pin my hand down the textures, rough and soft. Mass lassitudes I can't think about them, they go away, and centralize. Properties away from 'em, I'll forget about them. Drivers campers seas go land seas unicorns. My heart and lungs fight not to have a workout. I can not help them.


        Files, documents, domestic hatred like me or I know the powers, pillows grappling solder to win over that. Tender arms and elbows, I love tender arms and elbows; they wonder so much.


        A lamp shone the only light in the room, the embarrassing light. I was afraid to turn it off though.


        Strength and power I have none. The picture diaries in front of me. Like bone marrow that has died.


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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