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I hate being on my hands and knees. Rubble rubble between my fingers green rubble soft blue blue god like a seltzer power tools handle matrix matter, bone marrow in my legs arms coming apart. Salad blue devils. I lick my finger the taste feels good. Cold shit power loose blank white plan shaking vibrating shaking loose bathtub hurts, porcelain fixtures tense covers, goddamn crazy horses metal horses my bronze horses blasted away, island out side away it pees before shipper away. Metal piss like soldier falls off destroys itself because peer noise breaks legs down it falls, Soldier falls too.


        Crupple, tarrow disease it killed itself waters lord he falls into the cold waters, befalls the matrix. I don't like being down there, pile person with cold fingers I warm in my mouth no covers over me dazzle for goddamned piss ants they creep all over me I try to crawl away they follow come with me blue pearls -- they eat. My tummy hurts.


        Liquid river bed waters. Meals, strings, shoes, sapple a path for themselves and leave me no one knows. Lack masters doesn't know. Pillars kept solid ancient pillars driven in the ground to hold them up never duty in the sun washing process they hand up in the grooves and never fall down against trojans of war they still stand. I won't go near the river bed, it comes down against me. It stings. Needles in my cheeks so I can't laugh, it won't let me laugh.


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe - all rights reserved

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