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a bill in use to be forgotten as they always are, a tourist's attraction. Failed to be fine. The program was printed on papyrus roots, that way they couldn't be wadded and thrown out as easily. Hassles are avoided to faces oriented to that way of rehearsing their words before stepping up to friends. A quick redemption could be in order. Come in handy. Pocket sized redemption kits designed for the active lives. Inflatable diapers. Assorted flavors.


        Draping a boycott on psychosomatic pain of all kinds, I placed my sign in the window promptly, to be chosen as a candidate. Monthly trial basis, landing a square on the probabilities chart, then one on the linear graph. Dots and lines connect the way I remember them to, crossed nonsense on gull work lines for intellectuals to define in terms of demography limits existing presently. The crap cologne stayed with me as usual. I won't go near there ever again. I come away smelling like manly mush again. Rubbish cans never get full. Waste not a penny that could be used as good for some other department staffer. List the throwables, paper clips and chair screws that come apart, in separate catalogues. They actually do it.


        I hail not to a picture, I do not take well, my tongue tends to hang out. Maybe not literally. Sometimes though. A founder tore loose a conjuncture and privledges to the steam tables to bake or fry. Pillows were supplied, aiding the wounded.


        Apple cider tastes lousy, exactly what I imagined urine to taste like. I haven't had the guts to see if I'm right. Power washers with blue and white brushes sweep the dirt off my car, I watch from the inside. It is a wondrously fantastic experience. The pretty. 


        Rob nets surrounding river banks, they do. They rob the shine from the sun. My car gets clean. Pioneers building cabins. A nasty devil. Soups for lunch clog my stomach. The tiny pieces of skin matter come off my finger, I notice, holding the spoon. I stared at them, interested, at the implications. I wonder what someone would look like totally wrinkle-free, and how far back in fetal development you'd have to go to be that way.


        I sit and stare at inanimate objects.


copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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