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singing careers in the state.


        Temperaments. Phone hating and a basket of strawberries transmitted feelings to other parts of the hillsides. A lost background, lost in the filling system, accounting for much problems with facts for those faces; they jumped in so casually. An education at college, dorm misses, lasting knowledge benefitted them when it was available in large quantities, and repeated in succession over a period of four years. It all helped a little bit.


        Hats, pillar topped brief cases on heads of the highest leaders, proof that no one could be bigger. Mistaken identities did not amuse the co-workers.


        Anonymous gratitudes pouring into the rooms had filled with too much glory already.


        Statutory limitations banned them from advertising it on the radio programs, aired from their own power cables propped onto their hooves. A lawsuit lost caused the station to be ripped and recovering into a latin Hungarian format. Most chewed at the decision. It was deemed chic. The polls bluffed their way to the couches not heard of on the Main Street. Nothing was ever heard of on Main Street. Police vacated houses in order to have more room for the impounded bicycles. Corporate minds made the decision affirmative. A knob mixed into the juices and somebody no one cared about was choked to death.


        Capital amusements to fill a tiring Saturday afternoon.

        Far-flung normalities functioned poorly. Governed by someone too far away to pay attention to the enlightened these faces seemed to have the uncanny ability to avoid. Hemming a dress for a wedding of a hundred people. The dress was simple. Packing house scenario. Bore. Bordering on the dried-up. Sedans parked in front of the supermarket got immediate negative attention. And license plates surveys. Lifting cameras for pictures of the freaky side show. 


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