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I know them too well. The realities of life.


        The doll people wanted to dance around the room, but they knew they couldn't. Blurry dressers and white lace panties, they wore. The limitations set for them were regulated by the faces. A bad breed were the non-human lot, the faces thought. "We shall not feed them or worry about them," the faces declared. And so it was.


        The cow people wanted to moo freely when they had an urge to do so. Green pastures were there to graze on, they ate until full, never more. They didn't lie or play games. But the faces set out to conquer them, first they did so by naming them "beasts". "We shall destroy them and enjoy their pain, not feel a moments emotion afterward," the faces declared. And so it was.


        The stuffed animal people wanted to be bought, taken home, and given some love. But they knew what it would be. Jams and jellies rubbed on their tummies, and button noses pulled off by young dummies. They wanted to cry, but they knew they had no tears to use. "We shall burn them, for they are past their prime, they have no more function in the house," the faces decided. And so it was.


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