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        Drowning in the water I worked to service a cause through no reasons. Deeper, deeper, through hell I mazed, in a gazelle body lacking grace, a sense of timing, cross-eyed stares, salamanders gathered at the edge of the water to get a good look at the dumb problem that I could not understand. Paralyzed back strokes deafened my chances. Saline wishes. A hope that the well would freeze, leaving everyone stiff, in place, and quieted. I flossed my teeth for no particular occasion. Watching the blood trickle down the front teeth excited me, one glance at the mirror told me something. The lines that should be there aren't. Stranded at sink side for a breather. I lit a candle that was supposed to make the house smell like lilacs fresh from a bush. I keep a bottle of aspirin handy just in case.


        The plight goes on. Receiving and transmitting a river-brain, parallel sidings feel better, blasting headphones, twin diagonal. The yelling into my ears sided the bombing inside to reach a suitable decision to wait until tomorrow. Side shows, pretty monkeys dressed in humanoid clothes, pretty violence was so good together. Classical fixtures on a leather seat to sit on comfortably, doling the pineapples out to myself to look at and watch the mold grow, Furry bad stuff. The escape was minimal. Wasted time, certainly not a leisure suit to scoff at all night; a man walks past, his cologne stays in my nose -- a fond memory of what things smell like. A glass shield to protect the zoo animals from being stolen in the night.


        My capabilities were launched over a fish. A life history to run through in detail so there will be no misunderstanding as far as how much they know. Quick IQ tests taken to meet prerequisites. Spin Jenny in an antique store displaying a good spool in the window. Dire proclamations printed on her tag as warrantees against liabilities in lieu of contractual horribilities. Villains in sheepskin coats unreliable agents to pass away in the shredded paper, common source fatigue listed on certificates as the causes. Purple disfiguration on lips so blue or were they purple also.

        Careful pile rugs fall into guitar holes. A single star was there in the sky, I saw it in the telescope. Rubbing my thumbnail, I didn't know what to think. It twinkled at me. I felt it was, at me. A thousand people thought it was for them, that night. A quiet shriek pulled 


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