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them. Stick people walk from house to house on roller skates, they might break.


        A mineral water swim. In purple and pink lines. Dowsers search for water, mineral water doesn't register on the rods. Chicness defined loses its taste; shoe polish.


        Expression repressed. Causes and sequins cannot be discusted. Expression forced to be, had the power to become analogical. A piece of time inflamed. Rafters overhead want to tumble and stir dust. Feeble minds beg a bit for a bit for the small amount they get. It comes to no surprise. What they receive is bitter. A stale pastry that hasn't the force to take on what it needs.


        Cries heard in the night come as nothing new. They don't know how bland lives trap them. I fight to avoid being like them. I often wonder how far I get into succeeding. Sometimes it seems like not far at all. Does it pain me to see things happening around me, and not know that the same things are happening to me? Everything excludes the self. Righteousness counterfeits everyone else. Demands are made, rules set, but those rules do not relate to me. A passive face I have become? Theories turn into worries, scarring the face, body.


        They need nothing.


        Envelopes shout. Taps on a door, banging to be let out. Illustrated demography keeps it in its boundary. The fragrances are pungent, bad for the feelings that are supposed to be intact, they remove it from where it is supposed to be, take away its natural origins to throw it into heaps, along with other non-faces. Hoppalong next to the roadside bandstands like a moron proving what life is all about. A detractor compared the incident to a recent takeover of bunny rabbits cohabitating in the sun, reproducing out of wedlock. If there are no documents, then there is no legality, they reasoned. Pure scotch water had to be filtered for harmful by-products that could hurt the face population. Picketers rebelled saying the filter process would kill off the northern quail of the state. Dastardly plans had to be redone. 


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