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The music changed to chorus' mourning a part in a play that was sad. Marks on the piano told where to play.


The duty's free. Soothing nothing in its path. One time long ago. When fish were free too. I played and got hurt. The blood poured from my leg. Down to my ankles. Embarrassment flushed my face to see an old lady watching me. Getting thrills by seeing the red puddle on the sidewalk. Goddamn woman. She didn't say anything. Not even a thank you.

        My nails are smooth from twenty coats of polish. Outside my door, nobody stands or waits. They're not supposed to.

        Arts and crafts lectures on humanity. Sorting the piles of laundry creatively. Into art. Exhibit a work for the cost of admission at the gate. More freckles needed on the arm. Hollow computer feelings went through today. The land evaporated into a bowl of cream for the breakfast cereal. Rolling some oats for fun and profit to help the income like anything else. The hair never got in. Threads into cotton were spun for sacks in which to put the amethyst into, plywood sold in tow on a truck bed, in two-by-fours set out to get some to make a table for the rooms. Some nails too. Freshly cast in molds, poured iron, steel mixed with darning needles to form hard nails. Spinning until cool. Loose ends sharp. Peeping out of heads to see one sticking up. Tiny tires fit to the wheels.

        Racking linen with silk, scenting the contents with imitation rose. Selling it for ten times it's worth. Beenies set on top of heads act as couriers for the papers to know where to be and when. Parole not granted to beenies.

        Speaking at the podium, they slur their words. Watching for darts. Airplanes fly over heads to drown out all words spoken up on the silver stage, crowded with service people. Green-gray patrols waiting for action. Slow downs and strikes hit the group's concessional discretions. A girl asked a legitimate question, she called him poopsie. He answered her tootsie. Then ignored her question.

        Automobiles rushed by, the stage swiftly evacuated, drove off. Leaving a cold crowd.

        A door slammed. A stranger picked up a newspaper with no printing. Ignoring it. Jams and cars parked filled spaces  in the lots and alleys.

        Purple spurs. Click on heels. Breadboard locked for the fat. TV was offered. Green 


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