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it was laying. Between a blade of grass.


          Caught with the hot furnace growing for you is a pain. Creatures know how to be there when they should. Humans need more help. Never did jealousy help forever, only here or there from the point of view favored by you. Wonderment.  A new gum or maybe something new, but not to chew. It had trouble working up to a full boil. Never cook once more.

          Skinny arms flash out their signals of distressed circumstances because they are so good, so elongated, so erect, building envy the way it moves from scene to scene or memory. Plans were made ten months in advance because of a need to plan ahead. Elongated things, objects, have advantages, for sure. Who knows how elongated, how erect? Stem it in a pan over an electric fire, see its contents safely without risk. It's perfectly suited for the occasion. Hear but don't admit it. Pull away. Is it worth the time it takes? Is it a Christmas day? Flogging over to see the wretched things going on. Be part of a weird tradition that gets out of hand, out of time. Out of money. Could it be for good. To end up where you know you'll end up, who is to say whether there will be chances to take anyway. Nothing to gain but a broken femur, first in history maybe. Pardons afforded.

          Play the time well. Be scared not at a time when the bell meets the cabinet. But rather feel something. If it's possible. If I can get out to be some person such as "person" in time for the complete celebration of the people who know what it means to make love to a pillow on a beautiful night perfect for something else. Could it be true?

          Catch me over in a dell. Catch me in anger and watch me not show it. Where does it all go to. Does it try?

          Watch them drown out a miserable affliction and see me fly the music so wonderfully. Carefully expend what is left because it isn't all there, there is never more than they ever dreamed or hoped to ever wish for and get. 



copyright © 2017 d.jaffe  - all rights reserved

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