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        Handling a mark, I get closer, get excited. She obviously couldn't expect this to happen, she would be repulsed. I feel frustrated.


        The love innuendos worked the way they were without going further. The innuendos were felt regardless, and I could sense them strongly in the past. Doing it is frustration. She is not a man. No salad day. I wished it were. It's not been too long.


        Punitively, the bitch does herself, so carefully, so ooo, watch out. Gently. Wash. Touch the door knob. Couch. Walk past. I smirked.



Table legs and table tops got scratched over the years. The money did not come around to buy new ones. Like power tools waxing his tables, constantly, in an attempt to make old dents and scratches look new. Beautiful carvings aren't noticed anymore. They are hidden by the basic ugliness that has been taken on. Tumors growing. Lackluster shines and hateful demented minds work together and liquify at the mention, grooves that were filled a long time ago, empty, and knot all over in the spaces open. Many times I want to forget. And many times I do.


        Sharp shooters and fantasy searchers work together even though they don't know it and gaze at the weather for something interesting to do to block the usual thought processes, I rarely turn away from my window; I never go near the door.


        Inside, inside, it doesn't go, not even years. Satisfiable losers, commentary drafted seas, ships towering poles and equipment for deportation in the land shores to reach and for survival, a brown wall, a white wall. Survive the white plan. Get away, receive a shipment to make me feel blank, scarecrow deltas forking the masqueraders at Halloween time, I fit in only barely. Drab scarecrow. Hit, hit taps on the wall from apartments close by. I don't know what they're doing. I can't guess either. A clerk at the store lives there, or at least that is what I remember someone telling me. I did not ask. Many times people talk without being asked. Mainly because I rarely do. I fit a hole in the wall to mourn in, come out normal. Early detection earnings I not sound off. They are kept hidden because I make them that way. That way there is no embarrassment. It's those goddamn lackluster shines that I ponder over again and again. The time swappers didn't arrive.


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