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        Detailed problems I do not need to be a handler of. To be around and smothering in the summer with an air conditioner that doesn't want to cool the rooms. It is smoldering sweat down my back. A cooler ice cube around my neck aided the day. Nagging faces -- I can not tolerate more of them coming towards me. Their faces rounded and stretched, teeth and hair. They looked strange. Human tells no consistency. They clubbed a tube power to death on a day I wish to be a better day.


        Pearing trees stand tall, they move in the hot breezes. Tasa, I haven't seen them around; not yet. A full blown pottery bell melts into a slab of soft rubbery clay, the paints drool away to nothing, no design left to cherish. A mess on the floor. A real mess. Shit logs taper a blues note power dawn tambourine song, so many died, I couldn't count them, until somebody said the number was about forty-two. I didn't realize it was that many. Perhaps twenty-three, but not forty-two. It was deemed awful. Dialects heard were foreign, I recognized them, but couldn't understand the words they carried. Perished ventures undertook. Parley vision, double under broilers and emaciated while cooking in a big black stove. The scents drove everyone away. Visions open arenas where all the faces disagree on the topics of discussion and journeys long were not uncommon. License plates, walking down I see one from every state, it appears, I wish I had a camera. Tight shots showing detail. Someone in the corner might see me and think I'm a spy or mutant. Camera.


        Couching a draft the curtains blew, and again I looked.


        Herding cattle round up explorers, adventures, to find the meat. It was there -- they knew it was there. I never told them. I see them out there doing their jobs professionally I guess.


        Garganchuan shit driving into mind ideas, attaching counter words to combat their side of the story, the true side, they say. I listen, that is all. To what they have to say. The explosion in their heads configure the meanings they are trying to express. Headstrong positive propaganda designed to throw others off balance and go their way. I won't be taken


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